Alex Timm

Can Mobile Data Fix Car Insurance?

Here at Root, we believe that price is simply one piece of creating a fairer insurance industry. Right now for many consumers, the process is opaque, and often the factors that go into their rate estimates are unclear. However, as we are able to leverage… read more

Hello, World!

A year and a half ago, we deliberately made the choice to go through the arduous process of becoming an insurance carrier so we could build the best insurance company possible from the ground up. You can read more about Our Roots here. Today, we are so excited to officially open our doors for business, starting with the great state of Ohio. The Root app is available for free in the App Store toda… read more

Our Roots

As I sat in the ornate board room of one of America’s largest insurance companies, I heard the same excuses I had since I started in insurance as a teenager: change is scary and hard, and it’s better to not rock the boat. It always made my heart sink, stomach drop, and skin crawl. I remember when I was young and chose this industry – so excited to help people on their worst day, being there f… read more